Merkel’s reputation at stake: Bundestag likely to recognize Armenian Genocide





The Bundestag will most probably adopt the resolution on the Armenian Genocide, but there are no guarantees that it will be ratified by the German Chancellor, Director of the “Arevelk” Research Center, historian Gevorg Melkonyan told reporters today.

“Armenians still demonstrate an emotional attitude towards the events of 1915. The issue here is not about the word “genocide.” What’s more important is to understand what stands behind all this. By bringing the bill to the Bundestag floor Germany acknowledges its complicity in the Armenian Genocide and commits itself to contributing to the establishment of Armenian-Turkish relations,” Gevorg Melkonyan said.

How will Armenia benefit from the adoption of the bill? According to political technologist Vigen Hakobyan, we’re wise enough to understand that Germany is not guided by pro-Armenian motives.

Hakobyan links the issue of Armenian Genocide recognition to certain geopolitical factors. “The Armenian, Kurdish and other factors are simply tools of pressure in the hands of important geopolitical circles,” he said.

According to him, Merkel’s reputation is “at stake.” Besides, the sentiments in Europe have seriously changed, the West reacts harshly to domestic developments in Turkey. Considering all of these factors, the adoption of the bill on Armenian Genocide recognition is quite probable, Vigen Hakobyan said.

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