RA Presidential Award Ceremony 2015 took place at the Presidential Palace

The RA Presidential Awards Ceremony for Year 2015 took place Presidential Palace today. President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan and the representative of the Robert Pogossian and Sons Foundation, the benefactor from Diaspora Albert Pogossian presented the awards to the winners for their significant contribution in a number of areas. The awards comprise Certificates and monetary bonuses. President Sargsyan congratulated the awardees and wished them recurrent success in their future activities.


Remarks by President Serzh at the Award Ceremony

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Awardees,

I am glad to welcome you to the Presidential Palace where you will participate at this important award ceremony.

With the assistance of the Pogossian family, we continue every year to publicly encourage fundamental works, singling out all that is bright, lasting, and valuable. We are confident that every significant work should be acknowledged and appreciated. This Award program was created and is being carried out based on that very logic.

The mission of identifying and acknowledging those worthy is one of the important tasks of the state, while you, dear Awardees, I am sure will not tire and will not be complacent with your works and accomplishments. I want this Award to be only the beginning for the recognition of your achievements. I hope that new creative inspirations will follow and will receive international acclaim.

In the category related to the works aimed at the recognition of the Armenian Genocide, this time we have recognized the outstanding contribution of the authors of the Egyptian “Who Killed Armenians?” documentary and the Armenian-American author Peter Balakian. The Armenian nation is grateful to you for this enormous undertaking. Mr. Nasir, Mrs. Zaki, you have proved clearly that the Armenian Genocide is not an Armenian issue exclusively but a great pain for the people of good will all over the world, regardless of their nationality or religion, while Peter Balakian with his duel identity – Armenian and American, has revealed in English the power of the artistic manifestation of that pain.

In conclusion, I would be remiss not to mention the significant contribution of the Pogossian family in the implementation of this project. This is a momentous journey which we have started together and will continue standing shoulder to shoulder.

Dear Awardees,

I congratulate you once again and wish you new artistic zeal and achievements.

Thank you.

By the Presidential decrees, the RA Presidential Award for Year 2015 for the significant contribution to the process of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide was awarded to Peter Balakian (USA) for presenting through artistic expression and relaying to the world the Armenian Genocide as a all-human issue, Mohamed Hanafi Nasri and Miriam Zaki (Egypt) for the documentary “Who Killed Armenians?”

By other decrees of the President of Armenia, the RA Presidential Award for Year 2015 was awarded to:

In the area of natural sciences the Award was bestowed on Poghos Vardevanian, Valeri Arakelian, and Armen Karapetian for the series of scientific articles “A bond between the nucleic acids and biologically active compounds: Theory and Practice”, to Grigor Karagulian for the series of scientific articles “Some issues of the convergence of the orthogonal series”,

In the area of technical sciences and information technologies the Award was bestowed on Sevan Davtian and Anahit Tonoyan for the monograph (in Russian) “Theory and Practice of Adiabatic and Frontal Polymerization”,

In the area of medical science the Award was bestowed on Armen Minassian, Hrant Kalenterian, Igor Nalchajian, Shahane Gevorkian and Marine Hovakimian for the work on the “Reanimation of the Newborns and Development of Intensive Therapy in the Republic of Armenia”,

In the area of physics the Award was bestowed on Arthur Ishkhanian, Tigran Shahverdian and Tigran Ishkhanian for the series of scientific articles on “Analytical Models of the Duplex Quantum Task”,

In the area of Literature the Award was bestowed on Susanna Harutyunian for the book “Ravens before Noah”,

In the area of humanitarian sciences the Award was bestowed on Albert Kharatian for the work “Western Armenian periodicals at the closing of their history (1900-1922)

The RA Presidential Award for Year 2015 was not awarded in the area of arts.

The RA Presidential Youth Award for Year 2015 was bestowed on Narek Barseghian for the series of “Identity” paintings, Gay Ghazanchian for the series of “Beyond the Walls” paintings, Simon Petrossian for the series of the “Mythological Stories” sculptures.

In the area of literature the Award was bestowed on Grig (Grigor Shashikian” for the stories “The Cat of Jesus”,

In the area of classical music the RA Presidential Youth Award for Year 2015 was bestowed in the category of Vocal Art to Christine Safarian and Tigran Ohanian for the outstanding performance, in the category Instrumental Performance the Award was bestowed on Ani Parsadanian (violin), Instrumental Trio – Anahit Dilbarian (piano), Vigen Harutyunian (basson), Avetik Ghazarian (clarinet).

Since its establishment in 2001, the RA Presidential Award has been bestowed on 335 individuals and organizations.

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