Yazidis of Armenia stand by the Armenian nation: Aziz Tamoyan





Armenia is the only country, were Yazidis have been provided with broad opportunities to preserve their national identity, head of the Yazidi community of Armenia Aziz Tamoyan told reporters today.

The Yazidis pledge to stand by the friendly Armenian nation to rebuff the assaults of a common treacherous enemy if necessary.

More than 50 Yazidi volunteers left for Artsakh to stand next to Armenian brothers during the large-scale military actions unleashed by Azerbaijan in early April.

“Everyone knows that Artsakh has historically belonged to the Armenian people, and Aliyev’s criminal activity is doomed to fail,” Tamoyan said.

“The international community, the progressive mankind, the international organization should strongly condemn Aliyev’s misanthrope policy and punish him as a war criminal,” Tamoyan said. He added that “Yazidis in different countries of the world will combine their efforts to achieve this.”

Five Yazidis were killed in the April war. The beheading of serviceman Kyaram Sloyan will never be forgotten.  Volunteers, who have just returned from Artsakh, say they have the duty to punish such barbarities.

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