Twitter revamps 140-character tweet length rules

Twitter is overhauling some of its rules to try to make itself simpler to use and more attractive to newcomers.

Members will be able to add multimedia to tweets – including pictures and videos – without eating into the 140-characters-a-post limit.

The service is also changing the way it handles conversations between users.

Twitter co-founder and chief executive Jack Dorsey told the BBC his aim was to ensure that “when people tweet, it makes sense”.

The changes, as outlined by Twitter, will be:

  • media attachments, such as photos and videos, will no longer count towards the character limit
  • @names in reply to tweets will not be counted
  • people will be able to retweet and quote-tweet themselves, enabling them to resurface any of their previous posts and add new commentary

In addition, any new tweet – ie one that isn’t a reply to someone else’s tweet – that starts with a username will now be seen by all of a person’s followers.

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