Anniversary of genocide of Pontian Greeks commemorated in Armenia





The anniversary of the Genocide of Pontic Greeks was commemorated in Armenia today. A delegation headed by Vice-Speaker of the National Assembly Edward Sharmaznaov visited the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial today to pay tribute to the memory of Pontic Greeks and pray for the peace of their souls.

The Armenian National Assembly unanimously condemned the Greek Genocide in 2015.

“Greeks understand the Armenian pain and the Greek MPs were among the first to visit Yerablu Pantheon and Artsakh after the four-day military actions unleashed by Azerbaijan,” Sharmazanov said.

Head of the Chairman of “Patrida” organization of Greeks in Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh Edward Polatov noted that the same genocidal country stood behind the April military actions. He stressed that the international community should condemn the genocides committed at the turn of the 20th century instead of closing its eyes.

Greek Ambassador to Armenia Ioannis Tayis praised the condemnation of the Pontic Genocide by the Armenian Parliament last year.

The participants stressed the need to combine efforts to fight Turkey’s denialism.

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