The results of Vienna meetings satisfying, Armenia’s President says

“The aim of the Armenian side at the meeting in Vienna was to find out whether the negotiations were deadlocked and war was the only option or there was a way to solve the issue with less losses. My colleagues and I are generally satisfied with the results of the talks,” Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said on board the plane en route to Yerevan.

Without going into details about the results of the discussions, the President said: “The Azerbaijani President assured his country had no intention to solve any issue through war. That’s good, but not trustworthy.”

He added, however, “that we have no right to be guided by our predictions only, because war is not the best option.” “We are ready for any outcome, but we prefer the peaceful solution.”

The parties agreed to meet in the near future. “We made a constructive proposal to hold the meeting after the mechanism of monitoring of ceasefire violations is implemented,” the President said.

“We aim to solve issues through negotiations in a peaceful way, but if Azerbaijan breaks its promises and violates the provisions of the ceasefire agreement, we’ll have no option other than giving an equivalent response,” President Sargsyan said.

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