Hai Tahd Committee representatives sum up the results of Artsakh visit





Armenian Revolutionary Federation Hai Tahd Committee representatives consulted with the Nagorno Karabakh Republic President Bako Sahakian this week at Artsakh’s Tigranakert Muesum Conplex. They met with reporters in Yerevan today to present the results of the discussions.

The four-day war and its consequences were high on the agenda.  Hakob Ter-Khachaturian, President of the Governing Bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, said the forthcoming actions will be focused on countering Azerbaijan’s anti-Armenian propaganda in the West. Besides, he, said, the efforts will continue towards the realization of Artsakh’s right to self-determination and its recognition by foreign countries. Hakob Ter-Khachaturian considers that there has been some positive progress in that direction.

“A number of US States have already recognized Artsakh. We hope the eighth state will join them soon. Although it’s on the regional level, the process has started. In Uruguay it was recognized by law, and was followed by a statement of the Foreign Minister,” he reminded.

Hakob Ter-Khachaturian stressed the importance of uniting the Diaspora potential to support the Armenian Army.

Vera Yacoubian, the Executive Director of the Armenian National Committee in the Middle East, the issue of support to Syrian Armenians is also on the agenda. There are concerns connected with the migration of Syrian Armenians to the West, particularly Canada, and also Australia.

She said representatives of the Hai Thad Committees coordinated the strategies with the Foreign Ministries of Armenia and Artsakh. She said that “the full utilization of the potential of Armenians against the Azerbaijani oil dollars and military policy will produce results.”


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