Prevention of Azeri aggression legitimized Artsakh’s state borders: David Jamalyan

The NKR Defense Army managed to rebuff the Azeri aggression for a second time, David Jamalyan, Adviser to Armenian Defense Minister, said in an interview with Public Radio of Armenia.

“This fact further legitimizes today’s Artsakh within its current de facto borders, legitimized the right of the people of Artsakh to self-determination and independence. For a second time Artsakh proved its right to live as a free and independent country on its area of 11, 432 square kilometers,” David Jamalyan said.

According to him, this was the first military-political conclusion of the military actions in April.

A second military conclusion is that the NKR Defense Army managed to prevent the Azeri aggression without the intensive interference of the Armenian Armed Forces.

Third, he said, is the great number of Azeri casualties amounting to 2,000 and beyond, and the quality here is more important than quantity, Jamalyan said. “Two third of the special forces of Azerbaijani army has been destroyed, and Azerbaijan will need time to recover the losses,” he added.

The aim of the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan was to proceed to the rear of the Defense Army. It intended to reach Sarsang Reservoir in the direction of Martakert, to the outskirts of Askeran in the center and Jrakan (Jabrail) to the south, the Adviser to the Defense Minister said.

David Jamalyan stressed that the public should be ready for large-scale military actions any time, especially considering that the fragile ceasefire is based on a verbal agreement between the Chiefs of Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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