Plans under way to create alliance of national minorities to fight Turkish nationalism





The National Council of the Congress of Western Armenians international NGO has adopted a statement on the creation of an alliance of national minorities with an objective of uniting efforts to fight growing nationalism in Turkey.

The statement notes that under the cover of democracy and peacefulness Erdogan’s Administration has adopted a policy of pan-Turkism.

“The Congress of Western Armenians has intensified the efforts to organize international litigation against Turkey and has initiated closer cooperation with all persecuted and exiled nations of Asia Minor with a  view of combining efforts against pan-Turkic nationalism,” member of the Congress, MP Aragats Akhoyan told reporters today.

Member of the Congress, historian Vahan Melikyan added that discussions with the nations have already started and added that under the conditions of the current developments in Syria and Iraq the creation of an anti-Turkish alliance is quite realistic.

The Congress of Western Armenians represents the interests of heirs of Western Armenians, trying to restore their rights and property. Aragats Akhoyan said they’re preparing a package to apply to the European Court.

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