HH Karekin II’s Message on Victory and Liberation of Shushi Day

From the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, we extend our Pontifical blessings and congratulations to our faithful people on the occasion of the day of the glorious victory of May 9 and the Liberation of Shushi.

With nations and states we celebrate the historic victory in the struggle against fascism and violence, which was participated by thousands of children of our nation. We are celebrating the liberation of Shushi and the victory in the Artsakh war, through which we defended the fair right of the free and dignified life of our people.

Today, the victorious wonder of May 9, fills our souls with special feelings, the same patriotic warm spirit of our sons who with their heroic deeds withstood the military operations unleashed by Azerbaijan on those April days, safeguarding our borders.

We pray that Almighty God keeps our native land under His peaceful grace and blesses our God-loving people, Army, soldiers, and commanders, granting them a secure and prosperous life, who courageously continue to defend the free and peaceful life of our people.

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