The war will be over when Artsakh is internationally recognized: Major-General Artak Davtyan

“The war that started for the sake of recognition of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic is not yet over, it will come to an end after the international recognition of NKR independence, and first of recognition by Azerbaijan,” Major-General Artak Davtyan, Head of the Operative Department of the General Headquarters of the Armenian Armed Forces, said in an interview with Public Radio of Armenia.

Speaking about the term “four-day war” used for the large-scale military actions in early April, the Major-General said: “Before the April events we had a ceasefire regime, which the rival was periodically violating, forcing us to respond.”

He said the ceasefire violations grew more intensive over the past few years. “What happened on April 2 was also a violation of the ceasefire, but unprecedented in scale, in terms of the weapons and equipment used and with the number of losses,” Artak Davtyan said.

He refrained from comments on the recognition of Artsakh, saying “it’s a political issue.”

The Public Radio of Armenia will air the full interview at 19:00 today.

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