State Department on Artsakh recognition and Garo Paylan

“The United States, along with the rest of the international community, does not recognize Nagorno-Karabakh. Nagorno-Karabakh’s final status will only be resolved in the context of a comprehensive settlement, so we urge the sides to come to the negotiating table in good faith in order to reach a settlement that achieves those goals,” US Department of State Deputy Spokesperson Mark C. Toner told a daily briefing, as he commented on Artsakh recognition submitted to Armenian parliament by two MPs.

“All of this needs to be worked out within the context of the Minsk group. There is a process here, and that process needs to be returned to by all sides,” he said.

Asked about the harassment of ethnic Armenian MP Garo Paylan, Toner said “I don’t have the details of this particular individual or his case. Obviously, the member of any political party who is being harassed or beaten or detained in any way would be of concern to us.”

He added, however, that they have no details of the case and refrained from further comments.

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