Jerusalem church leaders remember Armenian Genocide

Armenian Patriarchate 1

A delegation of bishops and priests of the different Churches of Jerusalem visited the Armenian Patriarchate to extend Easter wishes to the Patriarch and his community, the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem reports. 

The delegation, led by the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Archbishop Fouad Twal, was composed of the main leaders of the Churches of Jerusalem and the priests and pastors accompanying them. Anglican, Lutheran, Ethiopian, Coptic, Syriac, Melkite, Roman Catholics and others met, greeted, and settled together in the elegant reception salon of the Armenian Patriarchate. All the Jerusalem Churches have the tradition of meeting in the different bishoprics, in a warm-hearted and fraternal ambience, exchanging greetings and good wishes during the two major liturgical feasts – Christmas and Easter.

On behalf of all the Churches, the Latin Patriarch has the privilege of delivering a short speech extending best Easter wishes to His Beatitude, Archbishop Manougian, and to the Armenian community.

In his remarks, Patriarch Twal highlighted how “all Christians are  united in joy in the risen Christ”. A week after the one hundred and first anniversary of the Armenian genocide, the Latin Patriarch assured his “Armenian brothers” of prayers for all Armenians facing the “terrible situation of suffering that they endured and continue to endure, in certain countries.”

The Patriarch did not fail to make an explicit reference to the genocide perpetrated by the Turks, 101 years ago: “We recall the events of the genocide and pray they will never be disregarded. Sadly, though we are told never to forget, many do...”

Speaking next, Patriarch Manougian warmly thanked Patriarch Twal and the present leaders of Churches, while recalling in turn how the Paschal mystery constitutes the heart of the faith of all Christians. Referring to the brotherly friendship that unites the Churches, he mentioned, not without emotion, the “support and assistance” given by the Latin Church and the Vatican during the genocide: “A support that Armenians will never forget.”

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