Eurovision 2016: Iveta Mukuchyan’s second rehearsal – Video

“We feel much more secure, it was great this time. I just need to fix the in-ears, that’s the only thing. Everyone is taking good care of me here”, Iveta commented on her second rehearsal in the press conference of the Armenian delegation.

Iveta Mukuchyan’s musical repertoire includes songs in several languages. “I also sing in Armenian language, and we have more plans to mix it with those groove sounds. As to German, I think it’s more difficult even though sometimes I wanna sing in German, when I want to express my emotions. We have a couple of songs in German but I haven’t released them yet.”

“The German show business is different. Buying CDs is over, live gigs are more important”, Iveta explains the music scene of her home country Germany. “The feedback of Germans and Europeans in general has been amazing, I never imagined that before.”

“We had Swedish composers in our national selection but in the end of the day, somehow the whole team just decided to take LoveWave, which was written by Armenian authors. The only reason was that it was tailored to me”, Iveta states on her choice of song.

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