Issue of Artsakh recognition should remain on the agenda as a restraining factor: David Babayan

The government opinion on Artsakh recognition bill was an important step by Armenia in terms of contributing to the maintenance of peace and stability in the South Caucasus, Spokesman for the NKR President David Babayan told Public Radio of Armenia.

“Armenia thus makes it clear to the world that it will recognize Artsakh, if Azerbaijan unleashes new war,” he said.

“The fact that Armenia has not recognized Artsakh for 25 years of negotiations is an unprecedented example of constructive policy. But when Azerbaijan unleashes war with an aim of destructing Artsakh, recognition becomes a must. The process has started, and it’s a message to both the international community and Azerbaijan,” Babayan said.

He further clarified that “it’s a process, not the final step,” and adding that “the issue should always remain on the agenda, even if no positive or negative conclusion is given.”

Referring to the misunderstanding in the press connected with the government opinion on the bill, the Spokesman said “it was a message of peace, a message of preventing war.” “It cannot be compared to what Azerbaijan did in April in what became the worst blow to the talks.”

“This is an answer to Azerbaijani offensive, which implies that if aggression repeats, there will be no alternative to recognition.”

“We want Artsakh to be recognized, but Armenia should not be the first country to do that. However, the issue should always be on the agenda as a restraining factor,” Babayan concluded.

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