Armenian government approves opinion on draft law on recognition of Artsakh





The Armenian government approved today the opinion on the draft law on Recognition of Artsakh submitted by MPs Zaruhi Postanjyan and Hrant Bagratyan.

According to the government opinion on the draft law, “the adoption of the bill depends on the results of discussions between Armenia and Artsakh, with consideration of the future developments and external factors.”

Co-author of the bill Zaruhi Postanjyan was present at the sitting. “By recognizing Artsakh we’ll prevent a number of problem and become a political factor in the world. Recognition is a bid for Armenian statehood, which the world has to reckon with,” she said.

“The aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan was not condemned in any way, therefore, we have to recognize Artsakh as there is no alternative.  The recent developments showed that aggression is on Azerbaijan’s agenda,” Postanjyan said.

“They committed crimes against humanity, which went unpunished 100 years ago and 25 years ago, and this lead to the April aggression. We have to rely upon ourselves,” she added.

Asked whether it won’t mean end to talks, Postanjyan said “negotiations can still continue,” and added that “speaking about talks at a time when Azerbaijan is applying aggression, would be a mockery of the mankind.”

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