Recognition of Artsakh will mean Armenia sees no other option





The recognition of NKR independence will lead to a solution of the issue, but will transfer it to a new stage, Director of the Armenian branch of the CIS Institute Alexander Markarov told reporters today. According to him, the issue of recognition will be brought into agenda if Azerbaijan unleashes more serious military actions, as this will allow Armenia to once again insist that Azerbaijan is unable to solve the issue in a peaceful way.

Political scientist Sergey Shakaryants says the recognition of NKR has numerous layers with corresponding consequences. According to him, the real recognition takes place in the nation’s subconsciousness. He believes the recognition is untimely today as it had to have been done much earlier.

Shakaryants considers that recognition would not impede the negotiation process, and there are examples of it. He says that if Armenia recognizes Nagorno Karabakh and sings a corresponding agreement with the latter, all countries tied with Armenia by different agreements will have to take this into account.

“We’ll resort to recognition of Artsakh, when we see all other options are excluded. Recognition will mean Nagorno Karabakh moves to a category of semi-recognized states.  In that case it will have some level of sovereignty, which will be somewhat restricted. In any case, recognition will mean Armenia has not seen any other option,” Markarov said.

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