Armenian Taverna that could be listed as The Manchester Museum of The 1970s.

The interior of the Armenian Taverna needs to be spot listed as The Manchester Museum of The 1970s, Jonathan Schofield  writes in an article published by Manchester Confidential.

The Armenian Taverna carries all the tropes of the ’70s and much more with a big fat extra dollop of wonderfulness.

An absurd muralt stretches around much of the Albert Square basement dining room. You also get signed pictures across other walls of ‘celebs’ who visited the Armenian.

Thing is with the Armenian Taverna there are no recent pictures of celebs and there are a few obvious gaps where perhaps the pictures of Jimmy Saville, Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris have been removed.

“I want the Armenian Taverna to still be around in another 48 years – with the same murals. If not, I want a museum to buy the decor and exhibit it, to show off the utterly bizarre taste of the late sixties and early seventies. Remember this isn’t some kitsch recreation of the period from some jaded marketing team, this is the real crazy and crazed deal,” Jonathan Schofield writes.

Armenian Taverna 1 Armenian Taverna 2 Armenian Taverna 3

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