Eurovision 2016: Armenia’s Iveta Mukuchyan at her first rehearsal

Armenia’s Iveta Mukuchyan had her first rehearsal on Eurovision stage today. During the Armenian stage performance different light effects and pyros were used, according to Eurovision’s official website.

Iveta Mukuchyan 9
“When I came in the arena, it feels like home: nice and really, really comfortable,” Iveta said before the rehearsal.

Iveta told how much work has been done for the preparation of her entryLoveWave: “We have been intensively preparing for two months, and we were waiting for this day! But I am not excited at all. It feels like when you want to see somebody and you miss him too much and then you finally see him. It’s the kind of the same feeling. I can’t wait for my first rehearsal”.

The Armenian representative has also revealed that she will be supported by five backing vocalists on stage: “I have really great singers with me on stage!”

Iveta Mukuchyan

Iveta Mukuchyan 8

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Iveta Mukuchyan 5

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