Azerbaijan’s goals political, not military: Alexander Iskandaryan





Azerbaijan needs to escalate the situation in order to focus the attention of the world on the Karabakh conflict, Director of the Caucasus Institute Alexander Iskandaryan told reporters today.

According to the political scientist, if they stop firing, there will obviously not be any shot from the Armenian side, and no one will remember about the Karabakh conflict. He said “everyone is trying now to return to the situation that existed before April 1.”

“I’m not very optimistic in this regard. Every military action makes the return to the previous situation even harder,” he added.

Iskandaryan said “despite the large-scale military actions unleashed early in April, it cannot be called ‘war.’ He added that “the Azerbaijani leadership pursues political, not military objectives, while the ceasefire violations and everyday losses are part of that policy.”

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