Twice-convicted man suspected of blowing up bus in Yerevan

Investigators have found a SIM-card at the scene of the bus blast that occurred in Yerevan late on April 25, the Investigate Committee said in a statement. The owner of the card has been identified as a twice-convicted citizen of the Republic of Armenia.

TNT explosive material (trotyl), explosive devises (detonators) and electrical equipment has been found as a result of search at his apartment.

Traces of TNT have been detected on samples taken from the scene of the explosion. Nine of the ten people in the bus, including the driver, the seven injured passengers and one victim, have been identified. All of them are citizens of the Republic of Armenia.

The apartments of all of them have been searched as part of the investigation, no items of interest for the criminal case have been found, their involvement in the explosion has been rejected.

The second victim of the blast is yet to be identified. The body is unrecognizable, and DNA test is needed. Probe is under way to find out whether the second victim was the subscriber of the phone number.

The initial investigation has not revealed any facts that would support the version of terrorism. Investigation into the causes of the explosion is under way.

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