AAE: Turkey, successor state of the Ottoman Empire, responsible for Armenian Genocide

Turkey As the successor state of the Ottoman Empire is internationally responsible for Armenian Genocide and will be held accountable

Many are the great and small unresolved problems facing mankind today.  One of them, still remains as the heaviest burden on the human conscience, as the first genocide of the 20th Century perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks (1915-21) against the Armenian nation, sacrificing/slaughtering over 1, 5 million Armenians … hundreds of thousands at a time were uprooted from their ancestral homes in Armenia, forced onto death marches to the Syrian deserts (of Deir-El-Zor, part of the vast Ottoman Empire) thirsting and starving on the way … The ‘civilized’ Young Turks plundered and looted the material and cultural wealth created by the ancient Armenians over thousands of years in their native lands, which today incredibly still remain occupied by the inheritors of the Ottoman Turks, the modern Turkish fascist State.   The latter continues precisely the same policies of genocide visibly and invisibly in new forms and under new disguises.

Last year much of the world marked the centenary of the Armenian genocide demanding recognition, justice and compensation.  Notably, the European Parliament unanimously passed a commemorative resolution on 15 April 2015, and invited the European Commission to join in the commemorations.

The genocide of the Armenians is still being stubbornly negated by the Turkish State – massive depositions and monetary resources (government bribes to individuals and arms manufacturing companies) are being wasted, totally immoral political decisions are taken daily, to escape responsibility and liability in the destruction of international policy obligations.  The Turks could not achieve – they did not even attempt to do so – the moral heights of the German people.   The Jewish Holocaust did find its resolution though – Germany, and the whole world acknowledged the crime and compensated the Jewish survivors, and rightly so.  The Jewish nation received back its country and historical fatherland, while the millennia old Armenia still remains today occupied, ‘conquered’, “empty of its native nation!”

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, many nations and peoples liberated their countries creating national states, except for the Armenians – the perversity of global war-weariness was such that, as if … punishment for the enormous contribution the Armenians had made to world civilization and cultures, slaughter, massacres and genocide fell to their lot…

The present rulers of Turkey, ignoring all the firm objective historical facts, conduct negative denialist policies, thus proving unequivocally before the very eyes of the international community that their aims have not altered.

– they have learnt nothing from history –

Turkey and now his “younger brotherAzerbaijan has the common aim and intents to put an end to the existence of Armenians in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh. Turkey’s openly supported Four –Day War (2-5 April) of Azerbaijanis aggression against the peaceful people of Nagorno-Karabakh gives no doubt to above mentioned intentions.

The Azerbaijani government has been busily buying up the deadliest weapons its oil-rich money just to seek revenge against Armenians living in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Moreover, relative to the size of the American Presidential map of Armenia (known as the Wilsonian Armenia of 300,000 km2), the stamp-sized Republic of Armenia (a mere 30,000 km2) saved from genocidal extinction, today is squeezed between the same two genocidal states of Turkey and Azerbaijan, who lose no brotherly occasion in international diplomacy to shamelessly threaten their neighbour literally, intent on swallowing up the leftovers of their historical crime.

The current government of Turkey headed by Erdogan showing its horrible face declare his intends to reestablish the Ottoman Empire, which means once again atrocities and genocide against all non-Turkish ethnic nationalities and peoples especially Armenians and The Kurds.

The genocide of the Armenians was perpetrated before the eyes of the ‘civilized’ Europeans, unfortunately, to our great regret, even by their ‘permission’, now the civilized world is silent. Such a silence means acceptance of atrocities and encourages the murderers to become more killing and crime against humanity.

The present government of Turkey is the Patron of pseudo-Islamic Caliphate of ISIS and its co-conspirators Al-Qaida & Al-Nousra.
Those hordes of terrorist murder-squads enjoy free entry-and-exit in and out of Turkey, enjoy the logistical support of Turkey’s military-industrial complex, and are trained and well-equipped with up-to-date weaponry in Turkish military camps. This mercenary murderers have brutally slaughtered many Genocide survival Armenians of Kesab in Syria.

We call upon the United Nation, European Union and the International Community to strongly condemn   most recent war crime atrocities committed by the Azerbaijani military     against Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh and take the necessary measures without delay to stop the continuing, genocidal, murderous crimes against Armenians and Kurds by Azerbaijan and Turkey.

What is the humanitarian moral duty of international political centers and their co-workers?

Today’s international public organizations must absolutely remain faithful to their own declared values and aims.  The consequences of the genocide of the Armenians can only be resolved by solutions binding on the international community via the United Nations, based on past and presently active international laws.

The Assembly of the Armenians in Europe, as an NGO active in the family of the European Communities – a pan-European but also a world-wide organization – is determined, on the occasion of the 101th anniversary of the Young Turkish genocide, to finally focus the attention of the international public opinion on the overdue need of the genocide recognition its unequivocal condemnation, and commitment to remove its tragic consequences through necessary material and territorial compensations.

We know very well that in all the countries of the world there are millions of people determined to fight for Human Rights and justice for all, until a final victory.  We demand of the International Public Opinion to finally hear and listen to the scream for Justice by the global millions.

We witness daily how even in Turkey itself the democratic and freedom-loving forces are evolving day-by-day, and blossoming into political movements that are determined to correct their historical criminal errors, wipe off the wounds they caused in the past, with the aim of living in harmony and peace with the children of the generation of their innocent victims decimated by the evil forces of the Ottoman tyranny.

Our expectation is that, after 101 very long years as a direct result of the endless efforts of the Armenians all over the world, and in close and immediate co-operation with the progressive forces of mankind, the practical realization of the international law and Rights becomes at last manifest as a newly minted historical fact, causing the final removal of all criminal consequences of the murderous act against mankind, awarding the Armenian people accordingly a just compensation long overdue for a century!  Thus, the ultimate justice fought for a hundred years shall rise up proudly as mankind’s greatest victory in modern history. 

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