NKR President’s address on Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day

On 24 April President of the Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan sent an address in connection with the 1915 Genocide victim day.

Dear compatriots,

Today the Artsakh people together with the whole Armenian nation remember one and a half million innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide.
101 years ago one and a half million Armenians including elderly people, children and women fell victim to the Turkish scimitar right in the face of the civilized world. The entire nation was deprived of the Homeland and was forced to spread all over the world.
Regrettably, genocides have been committed in modern period too, and if the Armenian Genocide was recognized and condemned by the international community in due time, there would not be millions of new innocent victims in different quarters of the world.
Both on those tragic days of 1915 and today when the Armenians strive for their right to live free and independent, for the recognition and condemnation of the Armenian Genocide, we have felt the support of different countries and numerous people who put justice, humaneness, the protection of universal human rights above everything. We are grateful and thankful to all the friends of the Armenian people.
Our foe has not changed, but our people have. Today the Armenians appear to the world with the two Armenian republics, the Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora unyielding trinity and unshrinking determination to live and create in their historic land.
On these April days the Armenians all over the world once again stood on their feet undivided and consolidated to affirm to the world that they are were ready to defend their Fatherland and dignity and would do everything possible together with their brave sons and heroic army, their unity, cohesion and invincible spirit.

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