104-year old Armenian woman tortured by Azeri forces six years older than Azerbaijan as a country

“Azerbaijani military forces recently unleashed an aggression against the people of Nagorno Karabakh in what has been describes a four-day war,” member of the Armenian delegation to PACE Samvel Farmanyan said at the Assembly session today.

“Azerbaijani armed forces used deadly offensive weaponry obtained in the course of the past twenty years in a gross breach of all international norms set by the OSCE. Use of force by Azerbaijan goes contrary to the key documents of international law – the UN Charter, the Helsinki Final Act and others. The Azerbaijani attack amounts to an act of aggression in line with international law,” the MP said.

“Azerbaijani army targeted civilian infrastructures and peaceful population. Twelve-years-old Vaghinak Grigoryan was killed and two other children were wounded heavily at the schoolyard bombarded by Azeri forces. And this is not the only case of violence against the civilian population. An elderly couple was shot in the home, with their ears being cut off by the Azerbaijani military. They also executed a 92-year-old Marusya Halabyan and tortured 104-year-old woman, who is six years older than Azerbaijani itself as a country,” Farmanyan noted.

“Moreover, soldiers of the Nagorno Karabakh Defense Army were beheaded by Azerbaijani troops, beheaded in ISIS way, and all the photos can be found in the social network. These are evidences of cruel treatment by Azerbaijani soldiers, posing with the head of Karam Sloyan as a trophy. Later the head was transferred to local Azerbaijani population, demonstrating it as a trophy and encouraging hatred and aggression against Armenians,” the Armenian lawmaker said.

“No action by official Baku has followed to punish the guilty. By doing so Azerbaijan once again violated numerous international treaties, namely the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, the International convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, the European Convention on Human Rights, the Geneva Conventions on the Protection of Victims of War and others,” he stressed.

“Another episode includes torture of prisoners of war and mutilation of bodies of eighteen dead Karabakh soldiers handed over to Nagorno Karabakh authorities in presence of the representatives of the International committee of the Red Cross a week after the hostilities,” Farmanyan said.

“We can’t close our eyes on these crimes committed by Azerbaijani military,” he concluded.



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