Armenian MP brings ISIS-style actions of Azerbaijan to the attention of PACE

Addressing the session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, head of the Armenian delegation to PACE Hermine Naghdalyan referred to the worrying signs of ISIS expanding to other regions, namely the South Caucasus.

Speaking about the Turkey-EU deal on migrants, Naghdalyan stressed that “reached under almost open blackmail of Turkey, this agreement is being heavily criticized for various reasons.”

“The country receives billions of dollars to manage migration flows, which are generated, in part, by the acts of the Islamic State. On the other hand, according to media reports, there are claims that Turkey is financially supporting the Islamic State by purchasing oil from the terrorist group at low prices,” the Armenian lawmaker said.

She quoted the Daily Mail as saying in August 2014 that many foreigners joined the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, travelling through Turkey and that the country is the hub of the terrorist organization.

“Today the Islamic State is declining in Syria. This is encouraging. However, there are worrying signs that ISIS would aim to destabilize other region, including the South Caucasus,” Hermine Naghdalyan said.

“On April 2 Azerbaijan unleashed a large-scale aggression against Nagorno Karabakh. Many media outlets have reported about the participation of ISIS fighters in the ranks of Azerbaijani armed forces. Maybe this could explain the barbaric acts of violence committed by Azeri forces during four days of war. The list of war crimes includes bombardment of civilian objects, schools with use of heavy rocket launchers, killing and mutilating civilians – children and elderly people, committing ISIS-style beheading of already dead soldiers and showing the heads to cheering public,” she added.

“The bloodshed in Nagorno Karabakh was stopped due to the courage of the people of Nagorno Karabakh. However, credible fears remain on the possible expansion of ISIS to new regions that will definitely lead to new wars and tragedies,” the Armenian MP stressed.

“I add my voice to those calling to combine efforts in fighting terrorism in all its form, to take further measures, deal with radicalization and hate speech and make it clear that war is not an option, tolerance is the attribute of the strong,” Naghdalyan concluded.

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