Russia is our strategic partner, but had better not sell weapons to Azerbaijan, President says

We have never been against deployment of peacekeepers in the Karabakh conflict zone, but we think the issue should be solved completely and finally, Armenian President Serzh sargsyan said in an interview with Deutsche Welle. 

“We have expressed the willingness to sign a corresponding document that would envisage a comprehensive settlement of the conflict, including deployment of peacekeepers between the two parties, but Azerbaijan denies the proposal,” teh Armenian President says.

As for Russia’s stance on the conflict, President Sargsyan said: “We’ve never said Russia is our patron, and any country will hardly ever be our patron. Russia has never played the role for us that Turkey plays for Azerbaijan.”

“Russia is our strategic partner, but we’re openly saying that we stand against the sale of Russian weapons to Azerbaijan,” the President added.

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