Boston billboard from a group denying Armenian Genocide to be removed

A billboard in the North End that was paid for by a group that denies the Armenian genocide was placed there “in error” and is being removed, a spokesman for Clear Channel Outdoors – the owner of the billboard – said on Thursday, reports. 

The billboard, which is located just a few blocks from the Armenian Heritage Park, had sparked criticism on Wednesday night for its references to genocide-denial.

“Truth = Peace,” the sign says. A hand with the flag of Turkey holds up two fingers in a peace symbol, while hands with the flag of Russia (left) and Armenia (right) have their fingers crossed in the symbol of lying.

The text of the billboard directs readers to, a website that dismisses the genocide as “propaganda being pushed by a powerful and well-funded Armenian diaspora.” The billboard says it is “proudly” paid for by the Turkic Platform, Istanbul.

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