Actions of our troops make our hearts even stronger, President Sargsyan says

President Serzh Sargsyan attended today the funeral of Sasun Mkrtchyan, one of the soldiers killed in clashes along the Nagorno Karabakh line of contact. The funeral service was held with military honors.
At the service, the President of Armenia spoke the words of condolences and support:

“Dear compatriots, distinguished parents of Sasoun Mkrtchian, family, and friends. Today, we say good-by to the Armenian soldier who stepped into eternity; a soldier, who crowned with glory his own name, a soldier, who crowned with glory the family which raised him. We have gathered here to bow to the heroism of Sasoun Mkrtchian and our other martyrs.

All those, who argue or doubt on how the Armenian nation has survived until 21st century in this tough region, must understand that they can find the answer right here, in the minds and on the lips of the fallen martyrs. Conscious death is immortality. We fought to defend our homes, our families, our identity. And our being here today, in this region is the most rock-solid proof of how we can fight. The ethnic and religious composition of this region changed before the eyes of the Armenian people a number of times. Many-many had come and had gone, many more will come and go, but we lived, we live, and we will live, because we know the formula of eternal life.

Events happening in Artsakh today is just another challenge for the Armenian nation which this time has be imposed on us by the leadership of Azerbaijan. I have no doubt that we will overcome it with honor yet again. Blinded with Armenophobia, drunk with the scent of oil, the Azerbaijani authorities do not comprehend that power is not measured by the number of tanks. Power is the light which emanates from the new generations in Artsakh and Armenia, and today that light has united us all, made us one iron fist, which will fall on the head of the foe which threatens our security.

Today, our thoughts are with our troops and officers who stand at the border. Each soldier’s step into immortality is a wound on our hearts, but actions of our troops make our hearts even stronger, endow us with resolve and persistence.

Today, we have become one, and our unity will nourish our future generation. I have to state that we have no illusions, we have no powerful sponsors, but we have sympathy of the just people all over the world, we have everything to defend our homes, our Fatherland.

Dear Sasoun, rest assured that we will carry on with your and your friends sacred mission. Rest in peace, Soldier of Fatherland.”

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