Azerbaijan’s steps will make Armenia recognize Artsakh’s independence





The agreement on Mutual Military Assistance between Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh is being developed and will be submitted for parliamentary ratification as soon as it is signed,” Vice-President of the National Assembly Edward Sharmazanov told reporters today.

Speaking about the importance of the agreement, Secretary of the Republican faction Gagik Melikyan said: “It’s actually the first step towards the recognition of Nagorno Karabakh’s self-determination. De facto independence will be substituted by De jure. It’s high time to recognize the right of NKR to self-determination.”

“If Azerbaijan continues in the same spirit, it will lead to the necessity of recognizing the Nagorno Karabakh Republic,” Melikyan said.

Edward Sharmazanov, in turn, chided the unacceptable stance of the international community, which lays part of the blame on Armenia.

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