AGBU strongly condemns attack by Azerbaijani Forces In Nagorno-Karabakh

On Friday night, Azerbaijani forces launched a substantial offensive against the Republic of Nagorno-Karabakh that resulted in numerous casualties. The Armenian General Benevolent Union strongly condemns the attack on the part of Azerbaijani forces and calls upon the governments of the European Union also to unambiguously condemn this new attack.

The government of Azerbaijan should be left in no doubt that EU Member States would not remain passive, should the offensive be resumed. EU action might involve such measures as the imposition of trade sanctions, asset freezes and the cancellation of join projects, particularly oil infrastructure projects. 60% of Azerbaijan’s oil is exported to Europe.

The organization calls upon all nations, international institutions, humanitarian and peace-building organizations to make their voices heard in protest and condemnation at these attacks that risk not only to disrupt regional, but also international peace and security.

With the continued escalation of violent conflict in Iraq, Syria and the South-East of Turkey, Europe can ill afford an additional war on its doorstep and must assert its interests in stability and peace in its immediate neighbourhood. It is therefore incumbent on the European Union and on each of its Member States to take a clear stand with respect to the recent attacks and to spell out the sanctions it will put in place if necessary.

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