Karabakh reports heavy fighting

In a statement released today, the NKR Defense Ministry has confirmed the information about the active attacks by the rival along the line of contact.

“The Azerbaijani side used tanks, artillery and air force as it tried to break the defense of the NKR Defense Army and invade the military positions.”

The Ministry said all attacks have been repelled, the rival has been forced to retreat incurring numerous losses. It said, however, that the military actions continue.

“The NKR Defense Ministry strongly condemns the unprecedented and irresponsible decision of the Azerbaijani authorities to launch military actions and warns that their continuation could lead to unpredictable consequences for the Azerbaijani side,” the statement reads.

“The Azerbaijani authorities bear full responsibility for the unprecedented tension at the line of contact. The NKR Defense Ministry draws the attention of the international community, especially the OSCE Minsk Group, on the situation and expects immediate targeted interference to keep the situation under control and avoid large-scale military actions,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

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