Karabakh MOD: Situation remains tense

The situation remains tense all along the line of contact between the armed forces of Nagrono Karabakh and Azerbaijan, the NKR Defense Army reports.

The Ministry says the Azerbaijani Armed Forces sustained more than 200 losses as a result of heavy fighting last night and today. At least 30 soldiers of special forces were killed in the direction of Talish; two tanks, two drones were destroyed in the direction of Martakert, an Azeri military helicopter was downed in the northern direction of the line of contact.

The rival used heavy weapons, including MM-21 volley fire rocket installations and armored vehicles, as it targeted not only the military positions of the NKR Defense Army, but also civilians settlements.

Another military helicopter and two tanks were hit at about 12:30 today.

The Defense Ministry reports losses on the Karabakh side. Further information will be provided.

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