JCRC speaks out on the Armenian Genocide

The Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston (JCRC), representing the organized Jewish community in Boston, agrees with the message of the editorial by Andrew Tarsy (“Recognition of Genocide Long Overdue,” Journal, March 17) that “American Jews have a wrong of our own to right” when it comes to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide.

“The time has come, 101 years after the extermination of over one million Armenian citizens, for the United States to acknowledge the massacre by the Ottoman Turks in 1915 as genocide,” Jeremy Burton, JCRC Executive Director writes in the Jewish Journal.

“Armenians and Jews share a tragic historical bond. It was only thirty years after the Armenian Genocide that six million Jews were killed by the Nazi regime.”

Last October, the JCRC of Greater Boston and the JCRC of Greater Rhode Island led the efforts of the Jewish Council of Public Affairs (JCPA) – the consensus body of the American Jewish community – to issue a resolution that urges our Congress and the President to recognize the Armenian Genocide.
As Tarsy stated so powerfully: “When we participate in the blurring of historical memory, we dishonor the dead and endanger the living.”

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