The terrorism in Europe and the concerns of Armenian communities





The Old Continent faces new security challenges because of the inflow of migrants, which, in turn, is a cause of concern for Armenians living in different European countries.

Representatives of some European Armenian communities say that the danger is always there even if all security measures seem to have been taken to prevent any act of terror.

Co-Chair of the Coordination Council of Armenian Organizations of France, ARF Bureau member Murad Papazian says “the actions of radical Islamists are targeted against the European nations, not government.” “Although the Armenian community is not targeted, accidental casualties are not excluded as it happened in Paris on November 13,” he said.

The Armenian community shares the common concerns of all Europeans, President of the Union of Armenian Academicians of Germany Azat Ordukhanyan told Public Radio of Armenia. He added, however, that there is no fear that the Armenian community could be targeted.

“The Armenian community in Germany does not have the weight to pose a threat to Islamists and radicals. I don’t think we have reason to worry in this respect,” he said.

Azat Ordukhanyan noted that there is a different problem in Germany connected with the existence of a large Turkish community, which has been trying on many occasions to prevent the activity of Armenian organizations. “This has always been a cause of concern for the Armenian community,” he said.

Hilda Tchoboian, Member of the French Rhône-Alpe Regional Parliament, noted that “all challenges threatening European citizens are a threat to the Armenian community, as well, but only because of being European citizens. Turkey’s presence is a bigger threat to the Armenian community, especially in case of Belgium,” she said.

Murad Papazian pointed out  the problems connected with Turkey, especially in France, where the process of criminalization of the Armenian Genocide denial is under way.

“The Armenian community becomes a target on April 24, or when the Parliament is considering some laws,” Papazian said.

Representatives of the Armenian community say the current situation cannot be an obstacle to the activity of the community organizations. They will continue implementing their programs, but will be more cautious.

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