Minority rights: Public Radio of Armenia to update Yazidi Service





The 30-minute program of the Yazidi service of Public Radio of Armenia has always played an important role in helping the Yazidi people preserve their national identity, religion and traditions, but it’s high time to improve the program. The leadership of Public Radio of Armenia intends to update the Yazidi service. Executive Director Arman Saghatelyan met with representatives of the Yazidi community of Armenia today to listen to their opinions and proposals.

A country with a world-spread Diaspora could not stay indifferent towards its own ethnic minorities. With this in mind, the Public Radio of Armenia has given voice to the Yazidi community by airing a 30-minute program every day for 26 years now.

“We’ll try to fill the gaps, by providing listeners with information related to Yazidis of the world, launching discussions on issues of concern featuring Armenian and international experts,” said Gayane Gasparyan, head of the Overseas Service of the Public Radio of Armenia. According to her, the “program will refer to the Yazidi communities all over the world and reflect the problems they face in different countries of the world.

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