Kurds announce creation of federal region in Northern Syria

Syria’s three Kurdish-controlled autonomous regions voted on Thursday to approve the establishment of a federal system in the north of the country, Reuters reports.

According to the Associated Press, representatives of more than 30 parties came together for a meeting in the town of Rmeilan in Syria’s Hassakeh province.

The two-day forum featured more than 200 delegates, including Arab, Kurdish, Armenian, Turkmen, Chechen, Syriac and many other folks from Northern Syria, Rojava, Shehba region, Aleppo-Minbic areas, the Kurdish Firat News Agency reports.

The forum was held under the slogan “Democratic Federative Syria – the guarantee of co-existence and friendship of peoples.”

The Syrian government and its opponents have rejected a declaration by Syrian Kurds of a federal region in northern Syria.

A statement issued by the Syrian Foreign Ministry says the declaration made in the town of Rmeilan in Syria’s Hassakeh province Thursday is unconstitutional and worthless.

It warned against any attempt to encroach upon the integrity of Syrian territories.

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