Kurdish group TAK claims deadly Ankara attack

The Kurdish militant group TAK says it carried out Sunday’s deadly attack in the Turkish capital, Ankara, the BBC reports.

In an online statement it said the attack, which killed 37 people, was in revenge for military operations in the mainly Kurdish south-east.

TAK, an offshoot of the banned Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), had already said it was behind another bombing in Ankara last month.

Authorities in Turkey have blamed the latest attack on the PKK.

The suicide car bomb exploded in a busy commercial district and transport hub in the city centre on Sunday evening.

Dozens of people wounded in the blast remain in hospital.

TAK, which stands for Kurdistan Freedom Hawks, said on its website (in Kurdish) that Sunday’s bombing was aimed at security forces and was not intended to kill civilians.

However, it warned that further civilians casualties in its attacks were inevitable.

“On the evening of March 13, a suicide attack was carried out… in the streets of the capital of the fascist Turkish republic. We claim this attack,” the group said.

Earlier this week, Turkey said 11 people had been detained in connection with the attack.

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