Ankara bombing: Erdogan vows to bring terror ‘to its knees’

Photo: AFP


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has vowed to bring terrorism “to its knees” after an attack in the capital Ankara that killed at least 36 people, the BBC reports.

Mr Erdogan said the suicide car bomb would serve only to strengthen the resolve of Turkey’s security forces.

The blast in the key transport hub of Guven Park injured more than 100. At least one suspected bomber also died.

Turkish planes bombed targets in Iraq of the Kurdish rebel PKK, which officials suspect is behind the attack.

Eleven warplanes carried out air strikes on 18 targets including ammunition dumps and shelters, the army said.

Meanwhile there are reports of curfews being imposed in areas of south-eastern Turkey as security operations are carried out against Kurdish militants.

No group has admitted carrying out the Ankara attack, but government sources had cast suspicion on the outlawed PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party).

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