Syria truce will not help solve the crisis, expert says





The peace established in Syria is too shaky and will not help solve the crisis. If the ceasefire fails to lead to reconciliation, expecting serious results is unrealistic, expert of Tukrish studies Hakob Chakryan says.

According to him, the ceasefire agreement pursues one goal – to prevent the advancement of Bashar Assad and therefore Russia, to preclude the reinforcement of the latter’s positions in Syria.

Speaking about Ankara’s negative attitude towards the truce, Chakryan said the latter wanted to enter troops to Syria and increase its influence in the region.

“The Russian airstrikes foiled all Turkish calculations,” he said.

According to Hakob Chakryan, Turkey wanted to involve NATO and the US in the implementation of its plans, but failed to do so. NATO is not willing to interfere with the Syrian war, while the US has hinted Turkey is not its strategic partner any longer.

“Assad’s departure is not a priority for the West any more, as it can lead to an uncontrollable chaos,” the expert said. “Americans may not be against chaos, as long as it is controllable,” he added.

Chakryan considers that Russia will stay in Syria for a long time. Moscow holds the initiative, but the crisis will not be solved without the United States, he concluded.

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