Parliamentary elections in Iran and implications for Armenian community






According to preliminary results, moderates and reformists have cemented victory in the Iranian parliamentary elections, while the conservatives have lost majority in Majlis. What are the implications for the Armenian community? Zorzhik Abrahamyan, one of the two Armenians elected to the Parliament says the community will form its approaches and attitudes on the basis of the platforms offered by the political forces.

The vote was the first in Iran after the sanctions were lifted. Zorzhik Abrahamyan says, however, “this does not mean end to sanctions.” He considers that negotiations will still continue, e.g. on issues of human rights.

Meanwhile, Abrahamyan noted that Iranians are excited about the lifting of the main financial sanctions, which opens up perspectives for the development and implementation of commercial and economic programs.

Karen Khanlaryan is another Armenian to be represented in the Iranian Parliament. Speaking to Public Radio of Armenia, the MP said he’s going to deepen and expand the current political course.  He will try to take the Armenian Genocide issue to higher podiums.

Khanlaryan said that the Iran-Armenia relations will be in the spotlight and added that the lifting of sanctions outlines new fields of cooperation.

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