Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Tigran Hamasyan and others join fund-raising for vulnerable families in Gyumri





Having a house has become a sacred dream for many families in Gyumri that have been living in temporary dwellings for 27 years now. A photostory was created about three years ago to draw attention to the issue. The photos were even posted on the pages of the National Geographic, but the initiative failed to bring the desirable results.

Photographer Hayk Barseghyan, one of the authors of the initiative, said they tried to find a different solution to the issue. They organized a fund-raising campaign on the British Crowdfunder website earlier this year to help 13 most vulnerable families. All families would have homes, had 120,000 Armenians donated £1 each.

Hayk Barseoghyan tld reporters today that the sum will be enough for just one house, but added they have found alternative ways to raise funds. They have worked out a comprehensive program of events. In particular, personal items of famous Armenians will be put on sale at a charity auction expected in a few days. Wrestler Arsen Julfalakyan, footballer Henrikh Mkhitaryan and many others have joined the initiative.

World-famous pianist Tigran Hamasyan will perform an hour-long concert in Gyumri to benefit the families in need.

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