Armenian Bar Association pledges $10,000 to SARF

During the SARF (Syrian Armenian Relief Fund) Save a Life Telethon to raise money for critically needed aid to Syrian-Armenians, on February 21st, a delegation of the Armenian Bar Association will present $10,000 to SARF to aid and improve living conditions of Syrian-Armenians.

Syria has been ravaged by a civil war for the past five years, which has destroyed cities and towns and left residents displaced, without shelter, and lacking the most basic necessities. The Syrian Armenian Relief Fund provides humanitarian assistance for the essential needs of the Syrian-Armenian Community – food, water, and medical assistance.

“The Armenian Bar Association is steadfast in its resolve to always rise fiercely in support of the plight of our Syrian-Armenians Compatriots,” said Saro Kerkonian, Esq., West-Coast Vice-Chair of the Armenian Bar.

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