Serzh Sargsyan: New Constitution a new breath for new beginning – Video

President Serzh Sargsyan had a meeting with high-ranking representatives of the legislative, executive and judiciary authorities, regional and local self-government bodies. President Sargsyan offered a speech on the implementation of the Constitutional changes.

President Sargsyan voiced confidence that as a result of the Constutional changes Armenia’s political system will become more open, flexible and internally complex.  “It will correspond to the dynamically and comprehensively developing social structure of our society. As in many democratic states, parties will lead the political struggle.  Parties and their coalitions will form executive bodies, will nominate candidates to head the state and local self-government bodies,” he said.

“The political system will be reformed and will improve thanks to the competition between political units,” the President said.

“We have two main values – the Armenian nation and Armenia. They should stand above all other values. Our steps, decisions and behavior should stem from these two values,” the President added.

Serzh Sargsyan added that taking into consideration the situation in the region, we are simply obliged to have a strong state, where everyone will be ready to become a soldier if necessary.

“It is the duty of any of us to do the utmost to have a full-fledged state and a society, where the authorities are transparent and reliable, where all members are equally accountable before the law,” the President added.

President Sargsyan said “the new Constitution is a new breath for a new beginning.” “We have created a unique opportunity to give new impetus to development and correct the shortcomings. This applies to all of us – both the President of the county and the common citizens.”

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