Humanitarian aid delivered to Armenian-populated town of Kessab

Distribution of 4000 packages containing food and medical supplies in Armenian-populated town of Kessab, Syria, started on Thursday, SANA reports.

The packages, which are part of a Russian aid shipment, will be distributed to the town’s locals and displaced families coming from other provinces.

In a statement to SANA, Lattakia Governor Ibrahim Khodr al-Salem said the aid will be distributed to beneficiaries in a number of provinces, including eastern Deir Ez-zor.

He pointed out that work is being coordinated with local and international humanitarian organizations to deliver aid to those who need it in various Syrian areas.

Two Russian aircrafts carrying on board 34 tons of food and medical supplies, in addition to children’s books and stationery, arrived in Bassel al-Assad Airport.

In June, 2014, the Syrian army restored stability and security to Kessab town and its surroundings after eliminating large numbers of terrorists who came from across the Turkish border.

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