Armenian shepherd killed in Azeri firing

Armenian shepherd Hakob Hambartsumyan, born in 1962, was killed as a result of firing from the Azerbaijani side from Istiglal anti-materiel rifle, the NKR Ministry of Defense reports.

Probe into the details of the case is under way.

The Ministry dismissed the reports of the Azeri side claiming that the Aremnain forces undertook acts of sabotage at different sectors of the line of contact and retreated, incurring 5-7 losses.

“The report is simple propaganda, and has nothing to do with reality,” the Ministry said.

The Defense Ministry reported growth of tension at the line of contact last night.

The rival used artillery weapons of different caliber, also as 60 mm mortars, RPG-7, HAN-17, HHN-9 and GP-25 grenades as it fired more than 4,500 shots from weapons of different caliber in the direction of the Armenian positions.

The front divisions of the NKR Defense Army took retaliatory measures to pressure the activeness of the rival.

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