Denouncing the Moscow Treaty: Propaganda or practical step?






The Russian Foreign Ministry will study the inquiry of Russian parliamentarians on denouncing the Moscow Treaty of Friendship and Brotherhood with Turkey signed on March 16, 1921. Is this simple propaganda or an initiative that could lead to practical steps?

“Whatever the objective, the initiative should be welcomed,” head of the Modus Vivendi Center Ara Papyan says.  According to him, the treaty was an absurd from the very beginning.

If the treaty is annulled, Azerbaijan’s jurisdiction over Nakhijevan will come under question. According to Papyan, it will contribute to the development of Armenia’s relations with Iran. Armenia can raise the issue of Kars in the future, express a position on Woodrow Wilson’s Arbitral Award, under which the area to be returned to Armenia makes 100 sq. km.

According to Ruben Safrastyan, Director of the Oriental Studies Institute of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences, even if Russia withdraws its signature from the treaty, it will in no way benefit Armenia. “The question is not about the Treaty of Kars, while it was under this treaty that Armenia was divided between Soviet Russia and Kemalist Turkey.  It was simply a deal,” he said.

Ruben Safrastyan does not share the opinion that Armenia will only suffer as a result of aggravating relations between Russia and Turkey. “What’s important for Armenia is to be ready for the development of events in order to be able to present its interests if necessary,” he said.

“No one will tell us ‘come and take your lands’,” Safrastyan said.

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