Task performance readiness inspection in the Russian military base in Armenia

Task performance readiness inspection takes place in the Russian military base in Armenia in the course of the Southern MD unannounced combat readiness inspection, the Russian Ministry of Defense reports.

In the course of the inspection, motorized rifle, tank, artillery, air defence and special units are holding tactic, firing and driving control exercises.

The training is held at Kamhud and Alagyaz high-mountainous ranges and Erebuni military airfield. The main task of the inspection is to assess readiness level of the units to perform assigned tasks.

Navodchil-2 and Orlan-10 UAV complexes are used in order to provide control over the units.

The training is taking place at day- and nighttime at the altitude of 800-2,500 meters above the sea level in extreme weather conditions.

30- and 100-kilometer marching with meeting different qualification standards in units will become the final stage of the training.

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