Ukraine Economy Minister Abromavicius resigns, citing pressure

Ukrainian Economy Minister Aivaras Abromavicius quit on Wednesday saying his ministry was being hijacked by corrupt vested interests, dealing another blow to Western hopes that the country can reform itself, Reuters reports.

In his resignation statement, Abromavicius singled out a close ally of billionaire President Petro Poroshenko, accusing him of blocking his ministry’s work and trying to control its revenue streams.

“My team and I have no wish to be a cover for open corruption or puppets under the control of those who want to establish control over state money in the style of the old authorities,” Abromavicius said in a statement to reporters.

“I can’t be effective under such a system. It is impossible for technocrats to work with guys that want to usurp power, and make processes un-transparent,” he added.

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