Arman Navasardyan: Armenia should participate in Syria peace talks




Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister recently voiced his country’s willingness to assume a mediating role in the settlement of the Karabakh conflict. “Iran wants to play a decisive role in the region, but it’s hard to say to what extent its actions will be pro-Armenian,” Amb. Navasardyan said.

“Tehran has its own interests. When it comes to Karabakh, Tehran opposes the deployment of a foreign contingent in its neighborhood,” he said, noting that official Yerevan should carefully analyze the situation before making statements.

Arman Navasardyan believes that aside from its own issues, Armenia should participate in Syria talks. “We are the only nation with statehood to have a community there,” he said. The Ambassador added, however, that “Armenia should be on alert and maintain balance, when it comes to tension between superpowers.”

As for Azerbaijan, Navasardyan said “its condition is worse than it could seem at first sight.” “The country has considerably cut its military budget, has problems with Talishs, etc.” “To put it short, Azerbaijan is in fever,” he said.

Ambassador Navasardyan commended the Armenian foreign policy for the simple reason that it manages to actively cooperate with NATO despite being a member of CSTO.

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