Armenian Archbishop: Divine principles only way for man’s salvation

Archbishop of Armenians in Western Iran Grigor Chiftchian said Iran’s Armenian community is quite ready to play their due role in prosperity of Iran, IRNA reports.  

In a meeting with Mayor of the city of Tabriz in this northwestern province on Tuesday, the archbishop congratulated the official upon selection of the historical city as the capital of tourism of Islamic countries in 2018, adding that the Armenian community is ready to work with Muslim fellow citizens in a glorious observing of the occasion.

Hailing the efforts of the Tabriz municipality in cultural fields, he called for establishment of an exclusive museum depicting history of Armenians in the province which, he believed, would in turn help further promote tourism in the city.

Mayor Sadeq Najafi said prosperity and development of the city need participation of all people, calling for help of all citizens especially for best presentation of the city during the 2018 event.

He also highlighted the friendly and peaceful co-existence between different religions and sects in the city.

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